Manufacturer & Exporter of Pressure Safety Valve


Darshan valve mfg. co. is leading firm producing best quality valve with most modern attributes. We offer large range of pressure safety valve with lots of options of configurations as per application area. We are considered as major manufacturer and exporter of pressure safety valve. Pressure safety valves are efficiently used for the systems belonging to water, air, gas chemicals and other fluids. It is used in compressors, boilers and pumps. It is three way dual shut off valves. As the name suggests, it is used for the protection of the systems and plants from the effect of high pressure by relieving pressure.

It is used to provide constant outlet pressure in the system for the proper functioning of the system. Considering significance of utility of our range of such valves, we fabricate and supply robust and durable range of pressure safety valves that are also been helpful to enhance the service life of the integrated components. It is seen as the alternative preventive system. If cooling system of the plant goes to fail, fluids or gases tends to expand and pressure may increase in the plant. An efficient valve releases the pressure and maintains the operating pressure for the plant efficiently. By understanding the quality criteria of our valves, we fabricate and test our valves with stringent checking at every level of production. We use air compressor to test the valves pneumatically up to 150 PSI or as per need. HASKEL HYDRO-PNEUMATIC PUMPS competently checks the hydraulic pressure of valves up to 5000 PSI.

  • Lifting lever Ā 
  • Safe under back pressure
  • Full nozzle type.
  • dual shut off valves
  • high grade raw material
  • Easy installation
  • Least maintenance
  • Versatile body


  • Body: Ductile iron, ASTM A395
  • Spring: Stainless steel
  • Piston: Stainless steel
  • Seat Discs: virgin TeflonĀ® (PTFE)
  • Seat Insert: Stainless steel
  • Cap O-ring: Neoprene
  • Cap: Steel